Urban Colors
Arts and Mentoring
Promoting Fatherhood Engagement in Urban Communities Nation Wide!

Are you your Child's Go to Guy?


"Children with involved, loving, Fathers do better" 

In school
Have Healthy Self Esteem
Exhibit empathy and pro social behavior
Avoid high risk behaviors

"At Urban Colors its all about engaging and promoting deeper family connections, that's our duty”

-Dwayne Meeks; Executive Director/ Founder

Urban Colors Arts and Mentoring  is a not-for-profit-profit 501(c)3 (S) Corporation that prepares fathers and families to meet life's challenges through mentoring and planning while building on existing strengths, developing new beliefs leading to risk reduction and positive outcomes. 

Our vision is to bolster teachers, change specialists existing and developing pioneers in the field of childhood education and youth instruction to end up viable operators for change, adjusting values, voice, and activities to make value, opportunity, and instructive magnificence for children and families. We want to help families reach their full potential and exceed their own expectations for healthy relations while breaking down generational cycles of hopelessness and disparity.


  • Instruct and awaken all Americans, particularly fathers, through open mindfulness crusades, evaluation, and different assets.
  • Prepare fathers & create pioneers of national, state, and group initiatives
  • Summon the interest of each division of society through vital coalitions and organizations

Urban Colors works to assure that Denver’s children of color:

  •  Are physically and mentally healthy;
  •  Live in safe neighborhoods;
  •  Succeed in school and work; and
  •  Possess the knowledge, skills, and leadership capacity to contribute to their families, communities, and the state’s social and economic well-being.

Urban Colors has a four-point approach to advance outcomes for fathers and families by:

  • Organizing local and statewide policy campaigns;
  • Facilitating a spirited community of practice 
  • Changing the conversation about boys and young and men of color from liability to assets
  • Engaging youth leaders in all facets of Urban Colors Arts and Mentoring.

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