We value partnerships who:

  • Innovate.
  • Collaborate.
  • Work with integrity.
  • Embrace Accountability.
  • Grow themselves and develop others.
  • Care deeply about making communities better.

Message from the Directors: 
As our world continues to change Urban Colors Arts and Mentoring continues to be passionately committed to reestablishing fathers in the family foundation because of the healthy balance that is created for children who have both parents involved. We promote love at all cost because we want to assure that parents know that they are the first teachers in their child's life and instill the core values for their children to have the best opportunities for achieving academic excellence and a quality life and not be influenced by at risk behaviors that can land them in prison or addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

We are empowering people by dislodging generational poverty through a socially intentional community development. Strengthening Communities by investing in the individual and cooperative power of our fellows so they can create the lives they aspire to live and build bridges out of poverty by developing thriving communities for the future.  We are UCAM and we will not waiver!

Dwayne & Terry Meeks 

Urban Colors Arts and Mentoring is a progressive fathers and Families authority built to address 21st century challenges.



Value Statement

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Our mission is to continually set the standard for excellence in strengthening families with a culture of responsible fatherhood engagement, collaboration, caring, and accountability. 

Our Mission

Fatherlessness isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round campaign gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to coaching a parent or mentoring a child. Maybe volunteer at one of our events and have an impact on the families we help daily.




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